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Friday, 19 July 2019
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Dear parents

Just a few updates, reminders and a plea!

Please could we firstly remind you to check the children’s nursery bags for items that should not be there, bearing in mind they are left at a low level on the children’s pegs. We love that you make use of them at the weekends and for other purposes, however this can then mean that medicines, toys, lotions and potions get left in them. Could we ask that every parent makes a quick check of the bags and remove any items that should not be there. Whilst doing this could we ask that you are topped up with spare clothes, particularly knickers/pants and socks. We are running really short of nursery supplies of these items. Many thanks.

You will have read in the last newsflash of our survey for place planning for 2019. Please could we ask that you make a response, if the survey is applicable to you. Thank you to those who have completed already. We are not looking to hold anyone to their answers; it just gives us some idea of how we need to be planning for September 2019 onwards. The childcare market is changing with various government initiatives. For parents, there is more choice and a greater variety of options, which can only be a good thing. For us as providers, we welcome the ideas underpinning these initiatives; however they do present us with other challenges to manage. Last year we felt less able to give accurate information to perspective families, which is why we are doing a scoping exercise now. There are many families waiting for places and to be fair to them, we need to give them some idea if places might be available of not. Your help with this is greatly appreciated. As many of these options are new, we are really happy to have honest and open discussions with parents on what options may be available locally. We could not facilitate these family by family, thus why suggesting an evening gathering. So far there appears not to be a clear indicator of interest in this type of meeting, however hopefully the completion of a few more surveys will help sway the decision. Thank you in anticipation of your time.

Our plea to you is to discourage the bringing in of toys to the nursery. It is really difficult for staff to have to say to you and your child at the door or in the room, that a toy must be taken home. Your child will inevitably become upset and it will make your departure from the nursery not as positive as we would like. For some children it also sets the tone for their day. They are welcome to bring a book that will fit in their tray to share with their friends. Please label with their name! If you really need to use a toy to encourage the journey to nursery, then please explain they can show an adult or friend, but then it needs to go home with the parent or carer dropping off. It is difficult for staff to manage the safe keeping of toys from home, as well as the disagreements and squabbles that can occur through the day. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

 Lastly we are letting you know that, sadly for us, but so exciting for her, Mollie is leaving the nursery to spend some time travelling before embarking on Teacher Training at Uni in September. Mollie, for her tender years, has had a hugely positive impact on the continuing delivery of quality childcare to your children. She has been an amazing key person and all round practitioner supporting all of the children’s individual needs. It is her insightful instinct to tap into young children’s potential that will see her achieve as a fantastic Early Years Teacher in the future. We will be say a temporary goodbye to Mollie on the 15th February. I say temporary, as she is going to keep in touch during her travels, so the children can track her adventures and where she goes in the world. We will also be hoping to keep her on our casual bank of staff, working during her uni holidays. I am sure you will join me in wishing her well and safe travels.

As we always knew of Mollie’s plans, we recruited Jemima who joined the team in October. This will ensure stability for the children at a time of change. We also let you know that Elaine Philips will be leaving the Ladybird room and also joining the Green Butterfly team. This is a fantastic opportunity for Elaine to broaden her professional experience and skills as well as support the transition of children from upstairs down.  

As always please do not hesitate to talk to any of the management team if you have any questions.

Best wishes


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